Exploration Peak- Las Vegas

When I first moved to Vegas, I would pass this beautiful park as I was going back and forth to the Storage Facility that I had my whole LA life stored in for about 4 months.

Exploration Peak beckoned me…

The Mountain would say: “C’mon…hike me. You KNOW you want to…”
and I would say: “Ummm…no.”
The Mountain: “Pleeease. I’m so rocky and dirty and breezy on the top. You’ll LOVE me!”
Me: “Ummm…yeah…no.”

This conversation would go on daily. I WANTED to hike it but it’s -like- sooo uphill! I made goals like- “If I lose 5 pounds, I will hike it” or “When it’s not so hot, I’ll hike it.”
So a year goes by and…

I lost 5 pounds and it was 74 degrees AND I can practically see it waving at me from my balcony so…I was out of excuses.

Here’s my FB video so you can see the Peak and hear me in action! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202982946671601&l=6666405710882682827

The Road to the TOP
The Road to the TOP

More information on the Park: http://mountainsedge.com/explore/parks/exploration-peak-exploration-park/
From The Las Vegas Strip: Take Las Vegas Blvd South to Blue Diamond. Make a right and go to Buffalo Dr. Turn Left and make a U-turn as soon as you legally can. Pull into Exploration Park and grab a spot by the playground.

The Low Down:

Short but uphill aka A Lung Buster

Wear desert appropriate clothing (Layers in the winter, sun protection in the summer)

Hiking Boots or really good sneakers will work. Loose rocks galore!

Sun Block is a must no matter what time of year. Sunglasses and a hat are a good idea

Cell Service? Yes! I had WiFi too!


Indulge in a PICNIC or a snack. The view is divine!

Very Kid Friendly- especially if they listen well.

My Adventure:

The BIG Hill
The BIG Hill

I reached the TOP and was extremely PROUD of myself. I didn’t drop dead and my lungs didn’t bust out of my chest. Yeah- I was breathing heavy but I’m fat so…what can you do?! 🙂

This hike is part of the Spanish Trail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Spanish_Trail_(trade_route)

Little houses all in a row
Little houses all in a row
The View from the TOP
The View from the TOP
You can see The Strip from here
You can see The Strip from here
Behold! It is ME being exercis-y!
Behold! It is ME being exercis-y!

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