You are NOT your body…

I was perusing the innerwebs yesterday when I came across a photo a friend of mine posted. Apparently he either lost a bet or was challenged to put an almost full body (sans shirt) photo of himself on Facebook…and he did. A few hours later, he was (I have to say) heartbroken when a “friend” made a rude comment.

First off, I’d like to address my friend here for a second: I think it was pretty brave of you to post yourself for all the world to see. I have contemplated doing that for BLOG PURPOSES but I can’t bring myself to do it.

Second, I want to address your friend (even if you already made up with him): You’re a jerk. Period.

Body shaming is NOT okay- ever.

Doctors do it to patients and then the patients never want to go back to the Doctor again. Before you know it, they get sick and by the time the actually go to the doctor- it’s too late.

Friends do it because they think they are “helping” you.

Strangers do it because they are assholes. When someone has the opportunity to feel superior to you, they will take FULL advantage of it. (Ask me how many times a stranger has mooed out a car window at me or has made comments about what I have in my cart at the Grocery Store. Never mind- that’s a WHOLE other post).

Anyway- let me get back on track here…
YOU are NOT your body. You are a beautiful mind and an emotional, loving, giving soul wrapped in a larger package. You are not ANY LESS of a person because you can’t fit into skinny jeans an a cut off T-shirt. Your muffin top isn’t the Shield of Doom.

If you’re not happy with your body and you want to change it, don’t jump in with both feet and think it’s going to happen overnight- it won’t. Take it easy- dip one toe in at a time and see how it goes. Take a walk around the block instead of trying to run a marathon. A little bit at a time will get you moving and start becoming a habit. Small successes are better on your psyche’ than a flopping failure and a month on the sofa.

If you’re happy with your body- Good for you! Confidence is sexy! Rock that Shit!

Okay- I’m off my soapbox now…

I just want to bravely post THIS:

This is what happens when you lose 200 lbs and don't have the money for Body Contour Surgery. Anyone have a spare $10,000? That's what it's going to cost to have all that skin removed.
This is what happens when you lose 200 lbs and don’t have the money for Body Contour Surgery. Anyone have a spare $10,000? That’s what it’s going to cost to have all that skin removed.

Feel free to shame me over my Bat Wings- but you better have a check in your hand when you do…


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