The Riverwalk Exploration Trail- Laughlin, NV

Not a bad way to start out a hike/walk!
Not a bad way to start out a hike/walk!

Directions from The Riverside Hotel and Casino:
Walk out the North Tower, cross the street and make a right so when you’re walking down the street, the visitors center in on your left. Look for THIS in the distance…
When you see this bridge, head towards it.
When you get HERE:
Continue walking across…
…and once you’re out, you’ll be here:
Which is the start of the paved trail…got it?

Here's something pretty to keep your attention
Here’s something pretty to keep your attention


Distance: Officially 4 miles round-trip (Plus 1 mile RT from the hotel and back) so 5 miles

Difficultly: Easy

Wheelchair Friendly? Yes and no. Mostly yes but there is some gravel and rocks- so be careful.

Dog Friendly? Yes!

Kid Friendly? Yes! There’s a park at the end with a beautiful play area.

Bike Friendly too.

Cell Phone Signal: Yes!

A snack or a picnic would be good too! There are shaded picnic tables by the RIVER.

PROPER ATTIRE and SHOES are a MUST! A Hat and sunglasses would be a good idea. Sneakers are fine…

Make sure someone knows where you are at all times!

The Low Down:
FACT: My Knees are killing me.

This is a BEAUTIFUL WALK! Long as hell…The sites don’t really change so don’t expect TOTAL NATURE AWESOMENESS.
At less then 1/4 mile from the bridge is a rest area so if you have to pee- do it now. You won’t find another bathroom until you get to the end of the trail (which can be an interesting but uncomfortable goal).
The trail up to the DAVIS DAM was really nice but it was SO WINDY. The way back seemed much longer because I was tired and my knees were screaming but the wind was at my back- pushing me along. Thanks WIND! I’d probably STILL be on the trail if you hadn’t jumped in!

The most interesting thing I saw was this:
Which I spied hiding behind the brush off the Equestrian Trail. Neat-o!

This can be a terrific workout BTW. You can make it as fast or as slow as you’d like so if you need to burn off a buffet or whatever- work that shit!

Behold! The River…

and some MORE river!

just a tiny bit more river…

My destination: That Damn Dam!

On the way back, I took a photo of this cliff side. I thought it was cool!

The Wrap Up:
Usually, I have a story of ADVENTURE to tell you but this trail is truly nothing extraordinary. It’s just a simple, nice, peaceful way to get out of the casinos and into the sunshine and fresh air. Nothing wrong with that, right?!


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