Homemade Snacks- Cheaper Than Store Bought?

This is a cross post from my OTHER blog: http://www.thedinerodiaries.wordpress.com which will be LIVE on 1/1/15…I have added info regarding WLS/Diet to make it relevant to THIS blog.

After reading how much crap goes into snack crackers, cereals and bread I pledged that I would start making my own and not subject my family to any of that garbage ANY MORE! Then, I decided to put myself on a money diet and re-thought the situation…

It’s better nutritionally to make snacks- but is it cheaper?

I don’t feel like breaking out the charts and graphs so I’ll go straight to the bottom line…

If you make Pita Bread like this- http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/whole-wheat-pita-bread-best-pita-bread-recipe/ (which I have) you’ll actually be paying a little more to make it than to buy it at the market but it’ll be healthier for you.

If you make “Goldfish” type crackers like this http://www.superhealthykids.com/whole-wheat-goldfish-crackers/ (which I have) you’ll pretty much break even UNLESS you buy the generic, cheese cracker-ish brand. This recipe is WAY, WAY, WAY healthier than buying that processed stuff.

Wait! What about the time it takes to make it? Did you calculate THAT into the mix?!?!

No. I like to cook so I usually don’t charge for my TIME…

To Wrap This UP:
In MY opinion- if you compare ingredients cost to price at the store/gas getting there, it comes out about even so…bake away Flour Warriors, bake away

With regards to weight loss and nutrition: Whole wheat flour has less gluten than White flour (yes it does, don’t argue with me) but it can still mess with your insides. If you do partake in bread and crackers, measure out your servings so you know what you’re eating.


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