Hiking in My Own Backyard- Las Vegas, NV

If you’ll be visiting Las Vegas and want a good OUT and BACK- email me for the approximate location of this hike. It’s not the prettiest but it gets the job done…

A Secret Location…
It’s like some spy shit goin’ on…

My Co-Host…Little Laurel (but I call her Deuce Deuce because…idk)

It’s amazing what you’ll find in your own backyard! I have a tendency to notice small, out of the way parks and trails on my escapades around town. I also notice a lot of little off shoot places driving through the desert towards California or Arizona. A little trail marker peeking out from behind a rock is always an intriguing site!

Use commonsense when you come across a hidden oasis. Make sure your daypack has water, snacks and first aid stuff. If it’s overly hot or too cold- skip for now and make a note of it for later. It’s very easy to get caught unprepared. Do you want to be miserable when you’re out there moving your ass? I think not!


I’m a sucker for old houses that are graffitied or totally falling down. Surprised to find THIS when I was explore the world behind me…

Anyway- discovering the Graffiti House was like discovering TREASURE!
Happy me- all exercised and shit…


…and a killer view to end a fun, little adventure.


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