Valley of Fire Overton, NV- White Domes

My Hiking Partner- Caiden- is now 5!

A little info on Valley of Fire:

White Domes Trail
Hike Time: 30 minutes if you’re FIT/ 60 if you’re FAT
Distance: 1.25 miles round trip
Elevation Difference: 200 feet
Difficulty: Easy-ish (except for the ROCK STAIRS!)
No Handicap Access on this trail.
Dogs on leashes
Kid Friendly
No Cell
Bring: LOTS of water (and I’m NOT kidding), a snack to enjoy in the picnic area or on a rock somewhere. Dress for the weather! Wear SUNSCREEN!

Directions to the Trailhead: From the west entrance of Valley of Fire, drive 3.7 miles along the main park road. Turn left when you see signs for the Visitor’s Center, Mouse’s Tank, Rainbow Vista, and White Domes. Pass the Visitor’s Center (on your right) and go 6 miles to the White Domes parking lot.


Our Adventure:
About 2 years ago, I visited this trail and really wanted to hike it. It was at the beginning of my unfortunate bout with anemia and I had also gained some weight as well. I walked up the sandy hill- and I was done.
This trail was like a thorn in my side. I had never given up on ANY trail so this one kind of haunted me for awhile. I DID figure out that sand is NOT my friend and saw that running along side the sandy climb towards the trailhead is an outcrop of flat rocks which you can walk on- ALL THE WAY UP. Thank you very much- don’t mind if I do!
My Co-Host, Mr. Caiden decided to take the sandy hill approach…hike5
These VERY STEEP stairs lead down to the (again) sandy (but not too sandy) trail…
…and on to the Movie Set from “The Professionals.” I LOVE a destination hike and we were barely hiking for 10 minutes before we reached something cool!


Around the bend we go…

annnnd…we’re out! Up a rocky hill we climb. Man, it was SO windy and cold- I LOVED it! It started to level out a bit-
Then a bit more…
Before we knew it, we were at the end of the road…
Caiden goes, “Grandma! That rock looks like a BUTT! We should call it BUTT ROCK! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”
This kid has MY sense of humor…poor thing.
Walk past BUTT ROCK and you’ll find some stairs that lead out to the road. Walk up to the parking lot and VOILA- Done!

The Wrap Up:
My Co-Host and I had a terrific time. Yes, it took longer than we planned but who really puts time limits on exploring nature?


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