Valley of Fire State Park Overton, NV- Atlatl Rock

Bird and Hike does a nice little blurb about this section of the park AND gives directions too!

Atlatl Rock
Hike Time: A leisurely climb up some stairs and a short walk around a fantastic rock formation.
Distance: There really is no distance. It’s more of a stretch your legs kind of walk.
Elevation Difference: 84 Stairs
Fitness Factor: Run up and down the stairs a million times and you’ll get some cardio done!
Walking around in the sand WILL get your heart rate rockin’ and rollin’.
Difficulty: Easy-ish- if you can do stairs.
No Handicap Access on this trail.
Dogs on leashes
Kid Friendly
No Cell
Bring: LOTS of water (and I’m NOT kidding), a snack to enjoy in the picnic area or on a rock somewhere. Dress for the weather! Wear SUNSCREEN!

Our Adventure:
I visited V of F twice this past December and had 2 Fantastic Co-Hosts with me at 2 separate times!

Co-Host #1: My Dad and the Great-Grandpa of “The Boy” below

Co-Host #2: My Grandson and Partner in Crime, Mr. Caiden aka “The Boy”

I am NOT a fan of stairs. If you have paid attention to ANY of my other posts- you’d know that is an ABSOLUTE FACT. I WILL cuss them out when I see them and write about it AND I will use the F word- many times- to describe them. Nope- not a fan.

I chose to climb these stairs. Why? Because there’s ART up there you HEATHENS- that’s why!!!

We’ll get back to the art in a second…check out Co-Host #1. My Dad is 83 and made it 1/2 way up the stairs. Nice Job! If you’re wondering about Co-Host #2…Caiden made it up the stairs but was totally freaked out because it was windy up there so he bailed- that’s why he’s making a weird face in the picture above.
Great View from the TOP

ANCIENT ART shown in the best way possible:




SOAK IT IN…absorb some culture… and then check out these cool rock formations!


Caiden and I explored for a bit. He found a huge dune and decided that it was a good idea to climb up it and then attempt to ski down it.


He then found that it was necessary to declare himself “King of the World” from the TOP of this Giant Boulder…

The Wrap-Up:
This is a fun spot to play around in for awhile and this post was a terrific way to introduce my Dad to all who read my blog. I encourage EVERYONE- no matter your age or shape- to get out there and get MOVING. When visiting V of F get out of the car and walk a little if you can. Hop off your Motorcycle for a minute and partake in a short hike. Grab some nature by the TOOKUS!

Let’s end this post with one more picture of my Dad. Isn’t he the cutest?!


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