Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park- Kanab, Utah

For more information and directions:
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Smack in the middle of Kanab, Utah is “The Surface of Mars.”

The Low Down:

Amazingly soft, pink dunes that you can hike up and down on for HOURS

There is NO shade. I wouldn’t do this in the summer. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Wear desert appropriate clothing (Layers in the winter, sun protection in the spring).

I took off my shoes and ran up and down the dunes in my socks. I would have taken off my socks too- but it was a bit too chilly!

Sun Block is a must no matter what time of year. Sunglasses and a hat are a good idea.

Cell Service? Nope.


Very Kid Friendly- bring a sled to slide down the dunes. I heard you can rent one from the Park Ranger too.

I never made it to the main entrance to the park and I know there is an $8 fee. I did run into the Park Ranger (who FYI was really good looking) and he never asked me for the fee so I’m thinking that where I parked was “Fee Free” but- don’t hold me to that…

My Adventure:
This is an AWESOME looking ATV park. I was there in February 2015, early morning on a Tuesday. All Alone! I bet it’s insanely crazy in the warmer months and loaded with all kinds of vehicles sliding down the dunes at a million miles an hour! If you have an ATV click on the info above for details about riding out here.

I found a turn out about half way to the main entrance, so I parked there and read the informational sign that tells the story of how the Dunes were formed. Very edu-ma-cational!
Hiking up the first dune I saw…

I ended up looking down on this wondrous sight…

A SEA of red- glittering in the morning sun…

I slid off my sneakers and started to walk. I was wishing that my little Co-Host (Caiden) was with me. We would have had fun following the animal tracks…

A half hour later, I was pooped! I sat on top of the dunes and enjoyed the sunshine whilst I listened to the wind. BTW- It was my BIRTHDAY and I wouldn’t have picked any other way to celebrate. 🙂

The silence was shattered by a group of extremely loud Fundies (FLDS- you know, Mega Mormans).
It’s all fun and games until the Fundies show up. Don’t let them fool you. Fundie teenagers are just as loud as mainstream teenagers- maybe even louder because they don’t get out much!

That was my QUE to leave.

The Wrap Up
Grab the kids and take a ride out to this AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS pile of sand in the middle of no where. Nothing is really open in Kanab off session (winter) so I wouldn’t bother taking a trip into town unless you need something. Zion and Bryce Canyon are nearby as well. Make a LONG day of it- get your nature on!


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