Duck Creek – Dixie National Forest- Cedar City/Duck Creek Village, Utah

Click for more information on activities at Duck Creek:

I had EVERY intention to start my BIRTHDAY VACATION by driving straight to the Dixie National Forest and hop on to The Cascade Falls Trail. I NEEDED to do that hike! Here’s what I found when I got into the mountains: snow1

Not to make it a total loss, I took the scenic drive and discovered…
Duck Creek

The Adventure:
I jumped out of the car, put my waterproof hikers on and headed right into that snow!

Taking a path that some of the fisherman around the creek carved into the cold and muddy trail, I walk slowly around the area and breathed in the frozen air.

Heading towards the bridge, I joined up with the ATV trail and carefully walk along the edge. I sure didn’t want to get run over by a snow machine!

Coming back around, I discovered a sparkling creek!

That’s when I spied my first EAGLE in his natural habitat. Magic! Watch the video here:

It’s been a million years since I made a snow man so…

…and I couldn’t resist getting a little artsy with my camera.

Such a GOOD DAY!

I have no idea mileage wise but I walked around for a good 2 hours.

What you need:
The usual- water, sun screen, sun glasses, (winter) hat, gloves, waterproof boots, energy snack and a camera.

A good trip for all ages. No wheelchair access in the winter, I doubt there is in the other seasons.

No Cell Service

Check the rules about dogs in the Dixie National Forest.


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