The Little Things…

The past few weeks have been filled with discussions about “the little things.”

Finding joy in the midst of mental chaos.
Solace whilst surrounded by uncertainty.
Comfort when faced with physical pain.

You try to offer solutions while consciously trying to keep “I” out of your opinion. Cliche’-(ing) them to death is an instant walk. There will ALWAYS be a contrary rebuttal. Frustration is imminent.

Occasionally, there is reprieve. One tiny moment where you think maybe-just maybe you may have helped ever so slightly. More often, we are back to square one…

Convincing one that listens but sometimes doesn’t HEAR can be disheartening. You want to get your point across. You want to offer the “key.” Inside yourself…inside you KNOW that you’ll never stop trying. It’s THAT important to you. THEY are THAT important to you. You ask the Universe for one extra “little thing” because THEY need it. Just one more- to get them through the day. You pray that eventually- they’ll get where they need to be but you know how long the road is and you know that sometimes the BIG THINGS trump the little things.

This has been an oddly cathartic experience. An empathic challenge that I did not expect. It made me realize that MY head is a sea of emotions which has not been fished for ages. Though I DO find joy in the little things, I do not find joy within myself and I need to incorporate both types of joy into one. Sometimes you learn something new about YOURSELF (whether you want to or not) while you’re caring for someone else…


This blogger is growing again- on the inside, not the out! I cant guarantee that every post will be sunny but I’ll make every effort to add the “little things” as often as I can…


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