Compliments and Silly Dating Conversations

I work from home and my office is quite a distance away. I took a brief trip to take care of some business for a friend and had a bit of time to kill- so I went up to the office to visit some co-workers.

What an ego boost!

I hadn’t seen many of them for about 2 years. ALL I heard was, “OMG! LOOK AT YOU! YOU GOT SO SKINNY! YOU LOOK SO GOOD!”
LOL! Thanks co-workers!


My co-worker Brenda and I were talking for a bit and the subject of dating came up.
“So…are you seeing anybody?”
“Nope,” I said “It’s hard for me to meet people.”
“Why? You look great! I can’t see why it’s so hard for you.”
“Because I’m not fat enough to be a fetish and I’m too fat for normal guys.” I answered
Brenda laughed her ass off after that comment!
“Seriously, you look great” she said, “I don’t see what the problem is. Besides, it’s what’s inside that counts…”
“I got news for you My Dear,” I said “no one wants to date my insides.”

It’s your inner beauty counts! Right? RIGHT?! HORSESHIT.

Too skinny for FETISH guys, too FAT (and probably old) for normal guys. Hmmm…this IS a problem, isn’t it?!
The men I’m attracted to are usually TOTALLY out of my league because they have GFs or Ex GFs that are -like- sticks w/Boobs which is something that THEY are attracted to- which is someone I will never be. The one’s that love my mind wouldn’t be caught DEAD with my body. I don’t like it but I understand it. You really can’t change human nature. C’est le vie…

I usually tell people like Brenda that when I’m done working on myself, I’ll make the effort to MAYBE meet someone. Isn’t it interesting that I’m ALWAYS working on myself? At this rate, I’ll be the most desirable Chick in the Nursing Home. 🙂

This post isn’t the LEAST bit negative, believe it or not. It just the facts and that’s that!

Now tell me again how GOOD I look…LOL!


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