3 Easy Red Rock Canyon Hikes

I’ve been so lazy…
Not hiking wise, posting wise.

I’ve combined 3 hikes on one page because I have pictures from all of them but I don’t remember which are which- so I’m gonna wing it here.

The Low Down for ALL the HIKES:

Wear desert appropriate clothing (Layers in the winter, sun protection in the spring) I would suggest that you wear pants to avoid scratches from the shrubbery.

Hiking Boots or really good sneakers will work. Loose rocks galore!

Sun Block is a must no matter what time of year. Sunglasses and a hat are a good idea.
BUG SPRAY may be necessary in the warmer months.

Cell Service? It’s in and out. I had WiFi too in some places!


Indulge in a snack when you get to your destination. Red Rock has some great places to plant yourself and take in the scenery!

Very Kid Friendly- especially if they listen well.


Moenkopi Loop- 2 miles There is some elevation and no wheelchair access.
Here’s what redrocklv.org says about this trail…
Triassic fossils and various desert flora can be seen on this open country trail which starts at the visitor center and traverses a prominent limestone ridge. In addition to panoramic views of the Wilson Cliffs, there are connecting trails to the Calico Hills area (2 mile loop, easy).


My Notes:
This is a very nice OUT and BACK. You are surrounded by the beauty of Red Rock without having to rock scramble over boulders and such. There are signs at the beginning explaining the Flora and Fauna of the landscape which I’ve always found quite enjoyable. The most memorable thing about this hike for me is that I almost poked my eye out with my walking stick- such a klutz!

Willow Springs Loop– 1.5 Miles- VERY EASY- Wheelchair Access (only for .10 of a mile)
Info from redrocklv.org: From the parking lot follow the trail by the restroom south. This takes you past a pictograph site and Agave roasting pits, to the Lost Creek parking lot. There the trail heads to the right to where the two trails fork. . Bear to the right and continue to the Willow Springs parking lot. Part of this trail is paved and is readily accessible from the parking lot

My Take on it:
Love the history lesson on this very short OUT and BACK! Agave Pits and Pictographs..

Picnic tables abound so you can indulge in a meal after your hike and let the kids run around for a bit. It’s not the most fantastic hike in the park but it’s good exercise!

Oak Creek Canyon-
2 Miles- Not THAT easy, kind of MODERATE- No Wheelchair Access- NOT GOOD FOR BEGINNERS or the CLUMSY


What redrocklv.org says: Oak Creek Canyon is one of several beautiful canyons cutting into the Red Rock escarpment. It receives fewer visitors than other canyons in the area, and the hike has two distinct personalities: The beginning approach across open desert offers sweeping views of the Red Rock escarpment and the freedom of open desert, and the canyon itself offers challenging hiking over jumbled boulders and steep slopes.


My Take: Trail is VERY rocky so if you have a tendency to trip over your own feet (like Moi), you need to be VERY careful. It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL- especially when you get down to the creek. Make sure you mark where you came down because it’s hard finding the trail back. I laid out on a rock like a lizard for a good hour and listened to NOTHING but the wind rustling the leaves in the trees. Watched the butterflies dance above the creek and saw an Osprey flying in and out of a small cave on top of the mountain. Nature at it’s best!

Scrambled over a few boulders and then slipped and tumbled onto the sand! MEDIC! Good thing it WAS sand or I would have been climbing out of my oasis with a broken arm for sure! Remember to tuck and roll if you can, Kids. Some cuts and bruises and a popped out knee (which I popped back in) later- I limped back to the trailhead as it was turning about 90 degrees. I don’t do well in the heat so when I saw my car I was elated!





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