Gratitude Found

In April, I began to take charge of my life and started losing the weight I had gained 4 years after my WLS.

In May, someone extraordinary came into my world. His wings were horribly broken. I silently let him borrow mine until he was able to fly on his own once more.

15 Pounds gone…

In June, After experiencing hundreds of hours of text conversations, I learned that sometimes it’s more important to listen then to be heard.

25 Pounds gone…

In July, I prayed (more than I ever have in my entire life) and found that you can hear the Universe whisper your answer if you pay close attention.

30 pounds lost…

In August, the darkest depths of depression engulfed me. I scratched my way to the surface and desperately tried to make myself believe my own advice. Ever so slowly, I accepted the words that I gently dished out to others.

40 pounds lost…

In September, It dawned on me that compassion, trust, friendship and most importantly LOVE is EVERYTHING. The rest is just empty and meaningless.

45 pounds lost…

In October, I prayed the longest- cried the hardest- felt every emotion that had been bottled up inside for months. As the weeks progressed, a beautiful metamorphosis occurred…my broken one’s wings began to heal and in an odd way- so did I.

48 pounds lost…

In November, I watched my broken one begin to SOAR– his own wings now firmly attached. Before I knew it, mine came back to me as well. Returned slightly worn- strength, courage and uncomplicated love still lingering between the soft, white down.

What I’ve learned can’t be expressed…what I gained, can’t be measured.

Where will we fly? How far can we sail? Only time will tell.

50 pounds lost.
Gratitude found.



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