Desert Wildlife Refuge aka Corn Creek- Las Vegas, NV

Yes- I took this shot and I think it’s one of the best photos I’ve ever taken in my entire life!

Official Website:
Directions can be found here too.


The Low Down:

Slightly over a mile if you do all the little trails (roundtrip)

Wear desert appropriate clothing (Layers in the winter, sun protection in the spring) I would suggest that you wear pants to avoid scratches and rock rash.

Hiking Boots or really good sneakers will work. It’s a dirt trail so VERY muddy after a rain!

Not really wheelchair friendly unless you have off road tires on it.

Sun Block is a must no matter what time of year. Sunglasses and a hat are a good idea.

Cell Service? It’s in and out. I had WiFi too in some places!


Indulge in a snack when you get to your destination.

VERY kid friendly BUT Bird Watchers will get angry if you’re loud or even exist!

THERE ARE NO TRASH CANS except in the picnic area. PACK IT OUT!

The visitors center was closed. Sorry- no review!


The Adventure:
I visited the day after a GLORIOUS rainstorm! It was SO quiet except for the backloader (beeping- beeping- backing up) working on the grounds which was a bit annoying but what can ya do, right?

There are a few small hills but nothing too challenging- besides the mud (but I LOVE getting dirty so it was fine! Ha!). My walk was VERY pleasant and I was able to venture around the trails several times. Twice for exercise and then again to take in the scenery. It’s ABSOLUTELY beautiful here but I bet it’s VICIOUS in the summer! My instinct says avoid coming here in the summer unless it’s like- 6am and you’re gone by like- 8am or you’ll fry!

A great story about the original family that settled Corn Creek is posted near their homestead. Some of the family still lives on the land too! I would LOVE to live out there- so peaceful!


After doing the initial “exercise” part of the hike I hung around the creek and listened to the water trickling down the little waterfall.


Spent a lot of time just messin’ around. Sucking in the FRESH AIR, listening to the birds and watching the leaves drift down the creek like little escapee sailboats. I took the time out to BREATHE and just BE. You should too 😉

A little beyond the turn-off to the Refuge are roads leading to TONS of trails! Problem: I have a sedan that is very low to the ground and the roads are unpaved. TIME TO BUY A JEEP! LOL! Sorry- off subject here…

The Wrap-Up:
Freakin’ fell IN LOVE with this place! Wish it was closer to my house but it’s SO worth the drive- in the Winter and the Spring and the cooler part of Fall but definitely NOT SUMMER!


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