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OMG! What Should I Do?! Getting Into Your Exercise Groove…


Exercise…ugh. So many choices, such little enthusiasm.

My body is very sensitive to exercise. I workout, I lose weight. When I stop because I’m injured or lazy (and it’s usually lazy), my body revolts.
1) Insomnia kicks in.
2) My energy level drops to ZERO
3) I eat like a truck driver.
4) I become an UBER bitch.

The quest to find things that I like to do has been on going. Certain things I LIKE to do (hiking, kayaking) are inaccessible during the summer months (110 degrees is NOT enjoyable hiking/kayaking weather) and I have to find alternatives but some of my choices have been less than thrilling.
I bought a bike. Rode it approximately 10 times and realized- I HATE riding a bike.

I tried the “Couch to 5k” program and came to the conclusion that I should only run if someone is CHASING me.

Exercise bands- just suck. I accidently snapped one and almost took off my head.

This summer was my first since moving to Las Vegas (where the sun seers a hole through your skull on a daily bases) and by the end, I was able to get into my exercise groove. Switching it up seems to be the key for me and making sure that I enjoy what I’m doing is EXTREMELY important.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Weight Training (which I absolutely LOVE)
Treadmill (which I tolerate)
Swimming laps or treading water (for 30 minutes at the Casino pool down the street)
Restorative Yoga (I JUST started this but I already like it)
2 mile early morning walks with the dog (occasionally we saunter, mostly we trudge)
45 minute early morning walks in the desert behind my house (being wary of snakes).

…and when it cools down, I shall add hiking (and a trip or 2 to the Colorado River) to my repertoire.

First off, it’s my blog and you’re reading it so you must find me remotely interesting and Second off- I’m trying to help you.

People need encouragement, HOPE and sound advice from others who have BEEN there and BOUGHT the T-shirt in MANY different sizes. I know I still do- that’s why I write my rants about nutritional advice. When I FINALLY find SOMEONE who makes sense, I’ll share that with you (but THAT’S a WHOLE other subject).

I’ve read a million Facebook updates, Tweets and Personal Blogs by people who make the declaration that they are going to “Join the Gym” or do “25 push-ups and “50 crunches” before they go to work everyday only to RETWEET, UPDATE or REBLOG that they have failed in their efforts one way or the other. Join the club, Kids! I have written many a failure update!

Here’s permission to fail… It’s okay to fall off the horse a billion times! Pick yourself up and brush yourself off because enviably- like gum on your shoe, it will eventually stick.


Kayaking Black Canyon- an update- Willow Beach, Az

My Original Post:…a-black-canyon/

I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since I took the kayak plunge at Willow Beach. I dragged my Oldest Daughter with me this time and we had a blast!
My Co-Host…Jade

Refer back to my original post for details, things to bring, etc.
Way back when I first visited Willow Beach/Black Canyon, they were doing renovations on the Marina. What a great job they did! An upgrade on the staff was done as well and they are fantastic! Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and really fun! Dan at the Marina was terrific as he helped me flop my fat ass out of the kayak and on to the dock. Bless his heart! There is no graceful way to get out of a kayak…

Below are some updated photos. Again- refer back to my original post for details and such.






Fabulous me thinking…”Is there a better day than a day on the water?” Nope!


and I finally got a picture me in an actual kayak!

Batter Up! Castle Park Batting Cages -Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Visiting the Batting Cages is a wonderful alternative to the usual upper body exercises. You get to workout all your upper body muscles AND relieve stress by nailing some balls as hard as you can! FYI- doing upper body cardio burns more calories than lower body cardio. According to various websites, a 20 minute Batting Cage workout burns 200 to 300 calories. Not too shabby there!

Here’s where I went, but you can visit a Battling Cage near you!

30 Pitches (1 round)  –   $3.00    
30 Minutes- $24.00    
60 Minutes –  $42.00    

The Lowdown-  

I joined the Company Softball Team. To make sure I didn’t make a fool out of myself, I decided to hit the Battling Cages before anyone actually saw me attempt to hit anything. I surprised myself! The first round of 30 pitches, I hit about half. Not that great but I’ll take it.  The second round, I hit 25/30 pitches. Wow! The third round I hit 29/30 pitches! Grandma’s still got it!

Just between you and me…I’ll be more successful catching a cold than a softball- so my hitting skills BETTER BE above average, for the TEAMS sake!

What to Bring/Wear:

Recreational Clothes/Sneakers

Batting Gloves (to prevent blisters)

Your own bat and helmet (You can rent these items)



The Wrap Up…

I can’t stress how much fun I had visiting the cages! When you get bored with your regular routine, you’ll definitely need to mix it up or else the sofa will start looking better and better. This is a great way to make a change- so give it a try!

Kayaking the Colorado River in Nevada/Arizona via Black Canyon



Starting Point: Willow Beach Marina – at the Southern End of Lake Mohave in Arizona and Nevada

Destination: Hoover Dam (and points in between) via Black Canyon 


From Las Vegas:

Travel South on I-515 which merges onto US-93 South. Continue on US-93 South through Henderson to Boulder City. Once in Boulder City, turn left onto US-93 Truck Route (across the Hoover Dam). Drive South 14 miles on Highway 93. Turn right onto Willow Beach Road. Follow the signs and drive 4 miles down to the marina.

From Southern California:

Travel North on I-15 to Barstow, CA. Merge onto I-40 to Kingman, AZ. Take US-93 North and travel 56 miles. Turn left onto Willow Beach Road. Follow the signs and drive 4 miles down to the marina.


1) Go on a Sunday or Monday. Watercraft is not allowed in Black Canyon on those days.

2) Make your reservations WAY in advance and rent a Kayak for a whole day. I prefer to rent a single kayak instead of a double when I’m going  with other people because I like to control my own boat!

3) If this is your 1st experience kayaking, go with someone who has ‘yaked before or take a guided tour.

4) If you’re going to be paddling more than 2 hours- wear paddling gloves!

What to Bring/Wear:

  • Quick-dry Shorts  /Shirt – Nylon or Wicking Material
  • Warm Layers for Winter
  • River Sandals or Water Shoes
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit (I wore a quick dry T-shirt and Nylon Shorts)
  • Waterproof Camera and/or a Camera in a Plastic Bag
  • A First Aid Kit in a Baggie
  • Enough Water for 8 hours/Healthy, Non-Perishable Snacks to keep your energy up
  • A flashlight

Dog Friendly, Kid Friendly (over the age of 6- I believe), Picnic Friendly, Camping Friendly and  Semi-Beginner (exercise wise) Friendly.

Our Adventure Begins…

My Fabulous Co-Host, Victor!

Officer Victor and I arrived at the Marina at around 8:30am. They are reconstructing the whole deal, so parking was limited but available since we were 2 of only 6 people there. We signed our contracts, tossed our gear into the kayaks and off we went into the great, wet yonder.

I’m an experienced ‘Yaker but Victor is not. It’s not a hard thing to pick up, so Victor had it down in about 5 minutes. As we paddled and took in the scenery I periodically consulted the map we received at the rental counter. About 1 1/2 hours into our paddling I realized that we were GOING THE WRONG WAY! (O. M. G.)  WAY to GO EXPERIENCED Kayaker!!! Understand that we were starting at the BOTTOM of the canyon and were supposed to head up. There was a bit of a headwind, so I  eyeballed  the current and thought we were ALREADY heading upstream but in all actuality we were NOT! UGH! Ok…sorry…my bad…

We turn around and now we are REALLY paddling up the river. Against the current and s-l-o-w-l-y….

Losing valuable time, I figured that we’d never make it all the way up to Hoover Dam or even get remotely CLOSE to the Hot Springs and Waterfalls and such. After I beat myself up, pouted for a bit and gave up 17 times- I was fine and decided to just go with the flow and see as much as we could in the time we had left. I found out that not many kayakers go in the direction that we originally headed (toward Monkey Hole) and we saw parts of the river that most kayakers don’t experience. Now I feel special!

FYI- This is what can happen to you if you don’t wear Paddling Gloves. Note to self: Ask Santa for gloves.




I have a matching one of these on the other thumb as well!




The scenery is absolutely breathtaking in Black Canyon. Around every bend and cove is another amazing discovery!


The one place I REALLY wanted to see was Emerald Cove. When the sun hits the water at a certain time the cove illuminates with an unbelievably beautiful, green glow !

Into the cove we go…     


closer to the Marina.



  Gem water!  

After leaving the cove, Victor and I continued paddling a little further up the Canyon and then decided to go ashore and have a little picnic! We beached our ‘yaks and then waded through this weird, flat, white, grass that actually looks like sand until you get right on top of it.  It was nice to get out of the boats for a bit, stretch our legs and soak in the atmosphere. Finishing our snacks, we realized that the kayaks had to be back in an hour. Back down river we went-finding another perfect PIRATE cave, spying some Blue Heron, scaring some odd looking ducks.   

Arriving back from where we started. Exhausted but elated- we checked in the kayaks, hopped into Victor’s Super Van and headed off for a nap and some late dinner.

Even after all the research I did regarding Black Canyon, I realized that being dropped in UP RIVER would have been a better idea. Now we have an excuse to come back this spring and do it again!




Just in case you needed to see me again…here you go.




(although a bit blurry)

Cabrillo Beach Bike Path- Santa Barbara

Directions: Take the 101 N, take Cabrillo Beach Exit (SB Zoo) and follow the signs to the beach. Park and jump on your bike! From E. Cabrillo Beach to Shoreline Dr Park is Approx. 3 miles.


Click on the picture to see the shear GORGEOUSNESS of SB!

Wear/Bring: SUNSCREEN, a hat, comfy clothes and bring money to eat (and shop if you’d like).

Kid Friendly: YES!

Cell Service: Yup!

The LOWDOWN: After a horrid time in Carpinteria, we headed up here. The good news- This path is MORE my speed. The BAD news- My body AND my tires took too much abuse. I only got about 2 hours sleep so by the time we got here, I was spent. I was also losing air in my tires so it was like riding my bike with an 800 lb elephant sitting in the basket. NO fun…

SB is so beautiful though that it was worth at least making the attempt to ride the Bike Path- even though I probably only went 2 miles total. We will be back to ride this again once I get new tires and sleep for more than 5 minutes!

This is what I had for lunch BTW- SO good!

 Orchard Chicken Salad Sub..yum

Carpinteria State Beach Bike Path/Hiking Trail- Carpinteria, Ca

This review/blog page/ story PROVES that I do not love absolutely EVERYTHING I do and definitely SHOWS that I’m not a Pollyana about every form of exercise! Read on, FAT WARRIORS….

Never listen to anyone who says, “My friend said that there is a GREAT PATH at XYZ Beach, just like Venice…” because when you make the attempt to research it and you don’t find any pictures or ANY TRACE OF SAID BIKE PATH AT ALL  but you decide to go there ANYWAY and find that they were TOTALLY WRONG and it DOES NOT EXIST- it’s your own fault for listening OR going in the FIRST PLACE!

(THAT was a long but TRUTHFUL expression of irritation. Excuse the run on sentence.)

The park is off U.S. 101, twelve miles south of Santa Barbara.  Exit at Casitas Pass Road from either North or South Hwy 101, go down Casitas Pass Road to Carpinteria Avenue and make a right at the signal and a left on Palm, the first left.  Park on Palm if you want to save the parking fee. Go to the end of Palm Ave. at the beach.

Bike Trail/Hiking Trail: The trail begins on the left as you enter the park. Look for the campground and follow the road behind it. There are little off shoots and dirt trails and such. Make sure you have a Mtn. Bike for the dirt parts because a Touring Bike or a Utility Bike (like I have) will NOT be the best bike of choice.

Bring/Wear: Lots of water, beach gear if you want to hang out, Sunscreen and wear comfortable clothes or beachwear if you are planning to stay awhile.

The LOWDOWN: Honestly, I freakin HATED this trip. H-A-T-E-D with a capitol HATE! Seriously…I would have preferred to ride thru the town on the street. This just plain sucked. Have I expressed enough how much I hated this trip or should I find some more descriptive adjectives?!

WHY I hated this trip-

On the paved road before you actually got to the dirt trail part of this adventure are several, fenced in campgrounds. I never really could understand the appeal of camping right on top of another camper. The spots are so close together, you can hear the person in the next tent clean the sand out of their toes. When you pass the camping area, all the “roadside” campers have their clothes hanging on the chain link fence. Such class, such class…

The trail actually looked a lot like this except  for the  UNEVEN SAND/DIRT, the tire busting pointy rocks and the random HOLE every 5 inches that you DON’T SEE in this picture.  Honestly, I think it is a better HIKING Trail and only if you want to take a VERY short hike.


The ride itself made me EXTREMELY tired. I had to stop and start several times because of the holes and dips. I never seemed to make any progress. Once I got here  

I was able to stop and watch the seals for awhile. NOTE: Seals smell terrible. The smell of many seals together is equivalent to the smell of a Port-a-potty at the County Fair. Trust me, you won’t be staying in this area very long…

I DID get a little workout because the trail was SO HARD for me but I seriously would never do it again. I felt that my bike wasn’t really the best choice for this kind of path and though my legs are the strongest part of my body, they just didn’t feel up to the challenge.

This was kinda cool and educational. Apparently, there were Tar Pits here at one point and they were the second largest in California. The sign talked about where they were located and what they had found while excavating them and all that jazz. I love educational stuff while I’m trying to workout- it takes away from the PAIN!

Done with the “BIKE PATH” and on to the beach to rest and play in the sand.

My skin looks pretty good in this picture but my hair looks like “Ed Grimley’s.” Le Sigh…

The Wrap-up: After the beach, I rode through town trying to find a place to eat. Everything was Tres Expensive so Robbie  (yes, he was with me and this horrible adventure was HIS idea)  suggested that we head to Santa Barbara to grab a bite and do THAT bike path. So we did…

Revlon Walk/Run 2010

My Revlon Walk/Run Experience was… Outstanding!                   

 I am SO thankful that I was able to make it all the way to the finish line today. I went from someone who couldn’t walk 1/2 a block 2 short years ago and now I can do miles…Giving back to the Universe is the reason I chose and suggested this event to our company. We should ALL show our gratitude for the things that we have- especially our health. Reading and seeing all the reasons people were out at the Walk/Run today really opened my eyes. I lost a dear friend to cancer but others have lost whole families.

Yes, we’re all busy being important people doing important things but taking 4 hours out of my day to walk 3.1 miles and raise $200 for cancer research was one of the BEST things I’ve done in a long time.

Thank you to everyone who supported me…thank you to the Universe for giving me another chance at life!