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Disneyland- Anaheim

                                               1313 S. Harbor Blvd. 
                                               Anaheim, CA 92803

When you’re FAT any place that you spend over 6 hours walking around is a workout- I don’t care what your Doctor or Personal Trainer says. It’s all about HOW you do it, not what you do…and I’m going to give you MY D-land diet survival guide tips so you can have a great day…

Ready? Start taking notes people!

1st off- wear your most comfortable shoes…you’re gonna get blisters if you don’t.

2) Sunscreen is a must.

3) A hat is not just cool, it’s important and if it has MOUSE EARS…all the better.

4) Eat lightly before you get into the park

5) Bring your own water and some protein bars to keep your hunger at bay. Fresh Fruit can be bought at the park but seriously…do you want to spend $2 on an apple? (Yeah- me either!). Bag your own and just hide it under your sweat shirt in your bag. The security people really don’t care, they’re just looking for guns, knives and bombs (try to leave those at home if you can). Plan on eating one nice, full meal at the park.

6) Avoid the junk but allow yourself at least ONE good thing. I personally love churros so that’s my junk of choice. Since I have diet restrictions because I had RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery- I try not to eat sugar, especially there because I don’t want to get sick at Disneyland and waste my $69 entry fee because I’m throwin up in the bathroom. Churros don’t seem to bother my stomach and I brush off most of the sugar anyway.

7) HERE’S the exercise part- When you get into the park, try to go to all the rides you want to go on that have a FAST PASS. Start collecting your FAST PASSES and then hit the rides with the shorter lines. You be running from one side of the park to the other collecting the FAST PASSES and trying to make the times printed on the tickets.

8) Don’t shop until the very end of your day. That slows you down and wastes walking and “ride time.”

Healthy Food at D-land

AdventurelandBengal BBQ (Chicken and Beef on a stick…food on a stick ROCKS big time)

Frontierland – Smoked Turkey Legs (available from the Carts around the park)

                      Big Thunder Ranch BBQ(Only eat 1/2 of what they give you and you’ll be fine. It’s $20 for a huge meal)

New Orleans SquareFrench Market (Spinach Salad, Shrimp Salad, Grilled Chicken Kids Meal)

                                     Cafe Orleans (Grilled Salmon Salad)

Fantasyland Village Haus (Veggie Burger, Fruit Salad, Turkey Club (dont eat all the bread!)

TomorrowlandTomorrowland Terrace (Veggie Burger, Grilled Chicken burger, and a kids meal with grilled chicken, rice and apple slices. 
                          Flight Command (Solaflare Salad with grilled chicken,Grilled vegetable sandwich)

Fruit and Veggie carts are in every LAND. Stay away from the sugary drinks…they are very dehydrating!


I can ALMOST guarantee…

If you follow my advice and don’t eat CRAP while you’re there…you’ll get on the scale the next day and be down at least a pound. Of course, if you have a “free food” day coming up, you can use Disneyland as your excuse for pigging out!

My Gorgeous Daughter- on my Birthday- February 2009