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It’s That Time Again!


I’m PARTICIPATING for a 3rd year in a row! I thank the WLS Gods for getting me OFF THE COUCH and away from the Cheesecake to enable me to WALK in this IMPORTANT Fundraising Event!

Please click on the link below to donate!


Sepulveda Wildlife Area- A Beginning Stroll

Just a note for my long time readers: Ms. Fat Adventures has had a rough time with depression and with that came some weigh gain and a stress fracture in her foot.  Slowly, I have been trying to regain control and easing back into ADVENTURES has been fairly helpful. When your only support is what you can do for yourself, getting back on  track can be exceptionally difficult. With that said, please cheer me on as I try to come back to myself and bring YOU, my friends- some more FAT ADVENTURES.                                                                                                                              

                                                               My Handsome Co-Host: Mr. Caiden!

 Sepulveda Wildlife Area                                                

 6335 Woodley Avenue  Van Nuys, CA 91406-6473

  (818) 756-9710

Directions: In the LOVELY San Fernando Valley where the 405 and 101 Fwys meet. You’re gonna want to look for Woodley Park (off Woodley and Burbank) east of the Golf Coarse.

About the Park

The Wildlife Preserve is the only unpaved part of the LA River. When visiting the area, you will run into a variety of Water Fowl, Hawks, Burrowing Owls, Sparrows and various other winged creatures. Animals can occasionally be seen as well but with the exception of the occasional mouse, I haven’t seen anything other than Birds, Red Earred Slider Turtles and fish.

This place is well-known as a Pick Up Place for Mens “in the bush” activities but the Rangers have upped their patrols and I feel confident in them enough to bring my Grandson here and not have to worry about him seeing things he really doesn’t need to see.

The sad thing about the area is the graffiti. I was absolutely appalled at the damage that has been done to the inlaid “compass” and the signage in the viewing areas and along the trail. The trash in the surrounding creeks is pretty much a standard and if they had a volunteer day, I would surely take the time to come out and help clean up. This is a heads up to those who’d like to visit. It’s not pristine and perfect but it is still a nice place to take a stroll.

My Co-Host as he runs toward the trail…

Distance: 2.6 total miles for the whole loop. If you walk from the parking area to the end of the trail without continuing on under the fwy, it is probably less than a mile.

Exercise level: You can make it as easy or as hard as you’d like. If you take a walking (running)  little one with you, there’s a good chance you’ll have to walk pretty fast to keep up with them!

Cell Service: Yes.

Stroller/Wheelchair friendly: Yes

Kid Friendly: VERY

Dog Friendly: No

Bring:  Water (always) and a snack if you plan on staying for awhile

Wear: Sunscreen, a hat if it’s really overcast or very sunny, comfortable shoes and layer if it’s chilly outside

The Low Down

Just a note: No, I did NOT cut my Co-Hosts hair into a Mohawk (that was his Mom’s idea) and Yes, I can’t wait til it grows out.  Moving along…

Parking is easy around the trail and once I let my Co-Host out of the car- he was OFF!

We saw lots of School Groups off the trails in the Viewing Areas with Microscopes set up to look at the Microbs and Bacteria retrieved from the surrounding waters. I hope when Caiden gets to that age, he’ll go to a school that does that as well! How Cool! The kids LOVED seeing how excited Mr. Caiden was when he eye spied them doing their research. I explained to him that when he goes to school, he can do that too and he reacted by saying “DUCKS!” and took off running!

It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny 78 degrees in the middle of this January Day (yup, I said JANUARY) and Caiden was ready to check out the ducks…

Sitting on the banks, Little Mister quacked at the duckies while Grandma rested in the shade.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Once we got back on the trail, we saw a bridge off to the right. OMG! So interesting for a little boy!

This is where we saw the fish and watched the current take the leaves downstream…

And now for some exercise…

To the end of the trail we walked where we met up with the Park Rangers on Patrol. They stopped to say HI and laughed when I explained to Caiden that they were the “Duck Police.” It was past lunch time and The Little Monster wanted his “Peanut Butter and Jellyfish (as he calls them)” sandwich so we found a bench and he ate his lunch while we watched Canadian Geese take off and land on the water.

 After his Al Fresco lunch, we walked back full steam ahead to visit the bridge again. As long as my little man got to watch the fishies again- he was golden and ready to go climb some rocks that we saw on the way into the trail. Grandma and Monster had a great time, got our nature on and exercised together- you couldn’t ask for a better day!

Playa Del Rey…another morning beach walk

Culver Blvd & Pacific Ave
Playa del Rey, CA 90293
Look for the sand dunes…there’s ocean behind them.
The Low Down:
I arrived at Playa and found very few people around that early on a Saturday morning. It was  FOG-GY but not too cold so I tossed my jacket into the backseat of my car and headed to the beach. If you know anything about Southern California Beaches you’d know that normally, the sand to ocean distance is generally VERY narrow. This particular beach has quite a walk from the street to the water and you have to cross a bike path (WATCH for Cyclists!).
I have to say…and don’t get insulted Playa Del Rey fans- that your beach is really gross. It was SO full of trash and loaded with oil. Aren’t you people rich? Can’t you pay for your maids to go down there and clean it up? How ’bout bribing a politician and getting them to throw down some money for a clean up. My snotty ass will travel further up north for now on. It’s way cleaner in Malibu!
Exercise: 1.1 miles/ 25 minutes/ Deep Sand
  • Water is a must
  • Wear shoe if you wish
  • Sunscreen is a must any later than 9am
  • A camera is ALWAYS fun

The Wrap Up:

Regardless of how trashed the beach was, I did manage to pull up a patch of sand and meditate for awhile.

There is nothing better for your soul then a foggy coastline, soft sand beneath your feet and the sound of waves crashing onto the shore…

A Dockweiler Morning… A Brisk Walk on the Beach

Did you know that walking in the sand can burn up 300 to 800 calories an hour? How cool is that?!

In the wee hours, I decided that just a normal walk wouldn’t do. I needed to connect with nature- take deep, cleansing breaths of morning air and view some beautiful scenery whilst I worked off some serious fat cells. Since I had some business to attend to later that morning, I headed over to Dockweiler Beach.

12001 Vista del Mar
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

(310) 322-4951

The Low Down:
It’s the beach  directly at the end of 2 runways @ LAX. Super cool to watch the planes take off!
I did a half  hour/1.1 mile sand stroll, took some pictures and sat on the beach and meditated for a bit. I did see the most GORGEOUS BayWatch Style Lifeguard drive by as he was preparing for his day! That was a total bonus!
  • Water is a must
  • Wear shoe if you wish
  • Sunscreen is a must any later than 9am
  • A camera is ALWAYS fun
Surprisingly, the beach is in pretty good shape being that it is so close to LAX. Out in the distance, a tanker was being lead into LA Harbor by a tugboat-  that was very cool to see.
A morning walk on the beach is a WALK for YOU. Don’t bring the kids, leave your lover at home, dogs are an option only if they HELP- not hinder. Get in touch with your inner sandcastle- relax and rejuvenate!

Just a Walk in the Park! Johnny Carson Park- Burbank, Ca.

Address: 400 Bob Hope Drive Burbank, CA 91505

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Parking: In the lot or on the street

Exercise level:  As easy or as hard as you’d like to make it.

Dog Friendly: YES!

Kid Friendly: Absolutely (there’s a terrific Playground).

Cell Phone Friendly: Yes!

The Low Down:

Right next door to my office   is an Oasis on the edge of the Burbank/Griffith Park border. The fun thing about this park is the “World Trail.”

This “Trail” has an array of exercise stations with instruction on how to use the equipment. I didn’t use it this time but I’m gonna consider using it in the future.  There’s a beautiful pathway that takes you around the circumference of the park. It’s not terribly hard and the terrain is basically flat. I went around 5 times (30 minutes) and going around one time is about .35 miles. Excuse my math skills but I believe that comes out to around a mile total if you DO go around 5 times.



It was a wonderful, So Cal early evening and the weather was just gorgeous! I had to get in this mini-workout and then drag my dead ass to work. There wasn’t a lot to see but I enjoyed the wooden bridges that were built over the stream. The trees were older and smelled brilliant! The evening had a slight breeze and you could detect the scent of  pine in the air. It was a lovely start to my work day!



I love the fact that you can see this  

from here .

Johnny Carson must’ve loved being able to see the park named for him from the sound stage he filmed the Tonight Show on…

I plan on visiting this park frequently now that I have cancelled my gym membership. There’s no excuse NOT to take this enjoyable walk at least a few times a week!



Exercise clothes

Tennis Shoes


Bug Spray!

Loads of Water

Burbank Thru Toluca Lake to Universal City- an URBAN SHLEP

So every Sunday Morning, bright and early at 4:30am- I take an Urban Hike.  I wish I could say it for exercise purposes only but it’s actually out of necessity because my car broke down and the bus doesn’t run in the Burbank, Ca area at 4:30am. I leave work and off I go to pick up the bus at Universal City Station which happens to be about 3 miles away. Fun Stuff after 8 and a half hours at work BUT it is what it is, soooo- we walk!

Walking directions to Universal City Station

Suggested route

  • 2900 W Alameda Ave
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Head west on W Alameda Ave toward S Niagara St


    Slight left at W Olive Ave


    Turn right at N Pass Ave


    Turn left at Warner Blvd


    Turn right at N Clybourn Ave


    Turn left at Tikita Pl


    Slight right at Toluca Lake Ave


    Turn left at Forman Ave


    Turn right at Valley Spring Ln


    Turn left at Cahuenga Blvd


    Slight right to stay on Cahuenga Blvd


    Turn left at Lankershim Blvd

    13. Turn right at Campo De Cahuenga

    Destination will be on the right
    Universal City Station
    Obviously, I took pictures when it was a dark and stormy morning!
    I added a few of the things I see along the way just for fun! I really do enjoy the walk even though it can be tiring after a long day at work…It’s very quiet, calm and serene.
    I also have to add that I’m SO THANKFUL that I CAN do this walk without feeling like I want to pass out or having to sit every 5 minutes. I count my blessing EVERY DAY!
    Riverside Drive
                Toluca Lake-   Home of the Late Bob Hope
    Bugs Bunny Topiary at the Health Care Center for Movie Industry Workers
                                                                                                                                                                                                Look who peeks out at me…
                                      The Moorpark/Riverside Junction- to the left I go!











                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pronounce this- I dare u!

    Almost There! The Cahuenga/Lankershim Fork














                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Magic Movie Gate- Where the Stars Enter!


    This is really COOL… The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed here in 1848, ending the Mexican/American War

    Arrived: Universal City Station…now I pick up the bus. yay.











                                            Sunrise Over The Valley


    Walk/Run- Lake Balboa in W. Van Nuys

    I’ve always liked Lake Balboa, especially in the early morning…It’s not a huge lake but it’s kinda cool. I’m training for the Revlon Run/Walk which is coming up on May 6th. I’m going to post a link to my donations page so look for it and dig deeply into those pockets!

    I really don’t have a “story” to tell you. I just love the ducks, the semi-fresh air and the people who walk in the morning are really nice. That’s about it…HAVE FUN!

    Directions: In the San Fernando Valley between Balboa/Woodley and Victory/Burbank

    What you Need: Comfy Clothes, good running shoes, water, maybe a hat and sunscreen if it’s SUPER bright out. It’s safe to use an IPOD here.

    Parking:  Free

    Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

    Food/Entertainment: Rent a bike, skates, a paddle boat and other stuff after your walk/run. There’s a food stand open on the weekends (I’m not sure about the weekdays). Bring your own healthy picnic!

    Walk/Run Program: The details are linked below but basically you park wherever, stretch for a bit and hit the path going around the Lake- it’s that simple!

    Length:  1.3 miles around

    Here’s a link to everything you’ll ever want, need and desire to know about Lake Balboa:

    Who would think that behind those trees is a High School and a donut shop not- like- bears and mountain goats and shit?!

    Here’s the program I’m doing right now:

    I’m on week 1! Ha! Maybe I’ll make it to week 2?! I WILL MAKE IT TO WEEK  6 at least!

    3 Days a week until the Revlon Run/Walk or until my Self-Induced ADHD kicks in…join me?!