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It’s Been a “Minute” since I Updated…

What’s new in the world of “The Roc-Star” you might ask?

I have about a BILLION hikes to add- which I will- shortly! So many AMAZING hiking trails in Vegas! I find out about a new one almost EVERY week!

Have a boyfriend who wants to hike with me but can’t find the time- PSSHHH…

Realized that you can devote yourself and ALL your energy into saving someone’s life and in turn- that person can STILL turn around and treat you like garbage. C’est la vie…

Stayed at the same weight, went up a bit- lost some of it but not all. Pretty uncomfortable right now but that will change once I get my fatigue under control.

I mentioned “FATIGUE.” Yeah- I still have that and can’t seem to beat it. It’s affecting my workouts and energy level severely. A doctor’s visit is in order.

My youngest Daughter is getting MARRIED. I’m paying for it so I’m stressed beyond stress because “I ain’t no Rockefella” and the part time job I got to help pay for this isn’t giving me any HOURS!

Still at the same job. Sigh.

That’s the update!

I would write something controversial or hop up on my Soap Box but…I’m too tired. My disgust over the election of Trump has pretty much worn me down these days and -oh- speaking of “grabbing them by the pussy,” check out my 49 and holding photo at the top of the page! I wish I looked that good in person 😉

More to come!