Bike Path- Will Rogers State Beach

Biking…or DAMN my ASS Hurts

The Bike Path from Will Rogers State Beach to Santa Monica Pier

Parking: On 2nd Street and Santa Monica there is a FREE Parking Garage (Next to the Closed SM Mall). Park there and walk your bike to the PIER or Rent Your Bikes Here:  Sea Mist Rentals

                                                                  1619 Ocean Front Walk
                                                          Santa Monica, CA 90401-3119
                                                                     (310) 395-7076

Sea Mist Rentals is the CHEAPEST place to rent Bikes on the beach.

Bikes per Hour: $6

Bikes per Day:  $15


They also rent skates and Beginner Surfboards as well. THE OWNER IS JUST THE NICEST GUY! It’s like renting bikes from Tommy Chong…

“Go ahead- take whatever one you want..have fun and be back by 6 !”….he says over his shoulder as he heads back to his bong (j/k. Maybe not…)

The Story (and I’m sticking to it):

If you want the honest truth- I’m STILL not sure if I’m a “BIKE” person. My legs KILL and my ASS hurts EVERYTIME I ride so I ask myself, “Is this TORTURE or do I LIKE it?” I dunno…I’ll let you know once I get my OWN bike.


FYI- I hate that Picture BELOW. I look 50 lbs heavier and/or Pregnant. I am NEITHER (thank you very much)! It was really windy and my shirt was blowing all over the place. My hair is F’ed up too! But for the SAKE of this site, I will look BAD for YOU. I’m such a GIVER! 


My trusty companion and I biked from Santa Monica Pier to Temescal Canyon (Will Rogers State Beach) and then back. In the middle of my ride, I got SO sick…thought I was gonna lose my lunch all over the place (TMI?). I pulled over and sat down for about 10 minutes- but told him to go ahead and keep riding so he didn’t break his aerobic workout. He did (reluctantly) and I caught up with him about 20 minutes later.

It was nice to sit down (even though I was sick) and feel the breeze on my face and the warm sun lightly baking my skin. I felt LOADS better after awhile and wished we could continue to ride but our time (thanks to my stomach) was almost up.

Since I AM a CELEBRITY (in my own mind), I waved (like a Princess) at the Double Decker Tourist Bus that went by before disappeared underneith the Pier and heading back to Tommy Chong’s Shop. It smelled like a combination of ocean, fish and that oil they use to seal the Boardwalk under there. It joyfully reminded me of the Coney Island of my childhood or Navy Pier in Chicago (but we won’t TALK about Navy Pier because that will just send me straight to the therapist)…Ahhh, good times- good times.

Returning the bikes- we walked another 2 miles to Venice Beach, grabbed a few beers at Happy Hour and watched the sunset. FYI- Blue Moon Beer rocks big time and as a WLS patient, I know I shouldn’t be drinking it BUT I couldn’t resist. So. Sue. Me. 

It was a lovely day- got sick, got better, got a nice workout, got a beer, watched crazy people, watched the sunset, saw shiny objects, headed towards them…how bad could it be?!?!?


Distance: From the Pier to Will Rogers State Beach and back– Approx. 10 miles

                  From the Pier to Washington Blvd.- Approx. 8.5 miles


This Bike Path is part of a 22 mile path that I’m hoping to ride one day- completely. Trust me, everyone I know will know when I accomplish this feat!

WARNINGOn a weekday afternoon that is NOT in the SUMMER would be the best time to access the path. Even though it says BIKE PATH- people walk on it, skaters skate on it, joggers jog on it, little kids run THROUGH it…yeah- you get the idea. I would NEVER ride this path with an ipod on. Professional riders use this path and you will not be able to hear them if they come upon you and want to pass. When somebody yells, “On your LEFT” you better be able to HEAR THEM!

If you choose to ride on a weekend or a crowded day, stay VERY alert. The life you save- maybe MINE!

Look- it’s Robbie Again! Everyone say hi!

Venice looks so innocent and pretty, doesn’t it? Little do they know that the darkness brings out the CRAZIES!


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